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Life insurance offers a way to provide for your loved ones. It pays them a sum of money that may help protect them from the financial impact of your passing. Life insurance can be an important aspect of retirement planning—helping bring peace of mind and financial security for your family.
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What type of life insurance policy suits me the best in Lisbon? Lisbon, Maine

Finding a policy that’s right for your needs is easier when you know the types of life insurance that are available and what they're designed to do. Answer some important questions when deciding which type and what amount of life insurance is right for you:
What do you want the insurance to cover?
What amount of coverage do you need?
How long will you need the coverage?
Compare types of life insurance policies in Lisbon, Maine
Bankers Life offers several temporary and permanent insurance options that have one sure thing in common: Each pays a death benefit when the covered person passes away. The money can be used by heirs to replace income, pay off debts, or leave a legacy. But the plans can differ in terms of coverage length, premium flexibility, cash value accumulation and distribution.

Coverage Length
A pre-determined number of years
Lifelong, permanent protection
Lifelong, permanent protection
Lifelong, permanent protection
Death Benefit
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check mark PLUS Living Benefit Option
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Premium Payments
Most affordable and remain level throughout the term of the policy
Premiums are level for life and will never increase as long as they're paid on time
Premiums are flexible, choose to make higher payments when you can afford it or pay a lower amount if money is tight
Premiums are level for life and will never increase as long as they're paid on time
Cash Value
Only buy what you need
Guaranteed cash value accumulates over time and can be borrowed against
Guaranteed cash value accumulates tax-deferred and can be used in the future for any purpose
Lock in childhood rates for life, making premiums affordable

How do I know if I’m eligible? Lisbon, Maine

  1. The first step in getting life insurance coverage is completing an application.
  2. Next, our underwriters will review your medical history to determine if your application is acceptable, and to identify your risk classification.
  3. You may need to complete a medical exam.
  4. Your premium amount will be determined by the amount of insurance coverage you request, plus your age, gender and risk classification.

Learn how you can prepare for long-term care needs in Lisbon, Maine

Find out how Bankers Life long-term care insurance can offer you or a loved one the flexibility and independence you deserve.
Policies are underwritten by Bankers Life and Casualty Company, except policies issued in New York, which are underwritten by Bankers Conseco Life Insurance Company.
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About Bankers Life in Lisbon, Maine
Bankers Life in Lisbon is here to help you build a plan that provides security and peace of mind. With Medicare Supplement insurance, life insurance, long-term care insurance, supplemental health insurance and annuities, we can help you plan for medical expenses, protect your life savings, provide for your loved ones and more. Visit us at our Lisbon, Maine location, or contact us at (888) 525-8019. Get a quote today!

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