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Fixed Indexed Annuities

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A fixed indexed annuity offers the simplicity of a fixed annuity combined with the opportunity to earn interest linked, in part, to the S&P 500®—all while protecting principal against downside market risk.
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Benefits of fixed indexed annuities in Pueblo in Pueblo, Colorado

Experience upside potential with fixed indexed annuities, which offer the option to earn fixed interest and/or interest linked in part to the performance of the S&P 500®. The principal will remain protected from loss due to market downturn.
No annual fee—many companies will have an annual fee added to the policy that will limit the actual amount of index credit
Financial security—your principal is always safe from market loss
Accumulate funds for retirement
Offers an opportunity to earn interest linked to the performance of the S&P 500®
Tax-deferred interest accumulation
Death benefit paid to beneficiaries

What are the types of Bankers Life fixed indexed annuities? Pueblo, Colorado

Bankers Life offers two fixed indexed annuities that offer an income rider and a bonus: Guaranteed Lifetime Income Annuity and Premium Bonus Indexed Annuity.
Guaranteed Lifetime Income Annuity
With a Guaranteed Lifetime Income Annuity, you have the option to elect a predictable, guaranteed income stream for life, while still maintaining flexibility, control and access to your funds. The longer you wait to begin receiving your income payments, the greater your income payments may be. Plus, no fee is charged to the annuity's account value for the lifetime income withdrawal benefit, meaning you will never experience a loss to your principal from either market conditions or fees. Other withdrawals during the early years of the annuity may incur withdrawal charges.
Premium Bonus Indexed Annuity
With our Premium Bonus Indexed Annuity, you can grow your money through a fixed interest rate or potentially earn interest linked in part to the performance of the S&P 500®. Because you're not actually participating in the market, your money is not at risk of any market downturns. You can receive an upfront premium bonus and allocate funds between two fund options: Fixed Rate or Index Value.*

Included riders in Pueblo, Colorado

Convalescent care rider²
This rider is included automatically and allows one additional free partial withdrawal equal to 10% of the single premium. Funds may be accessed after 30 consecutive days of qualified nursing home care beginning one year from the issue date. The rider is available through issue age 75.
Terminal illness rider²
This rider is included automatically and allows for one free partial withdrawal up to 75% of the single premium after the rider is in force one year. Funds may be accessed when a doctor certifies terminal illness expected to cause death within a year. The rider is available through issue age 75.

²Based on state availability.

How do I know if I’m eligible for a fixed indexed annuity? Pueblo, Colorado

  1. Find out if you're eligible by scheduling an appointment with an experienced, licensed Bankers Life agent/producer.
  2. Together with your agent/producer, you'll determine if a fixed indexed annuity will satisfy your investment goals to help meet your financial needs.
  3. You'll also be required to complete a suitability review to determine if the fixed indexed annuity is suitable for you based on your financial situation and objectives.

Enjoy upside potential with principal protection against market loss in Pueblo, Colorado

Some types of annuities offer the opportunity to earn interest based on the performance of a market index. However, you're not actually participating in the market, so the money in your annuity is never at risk of decreasing. This means the annuity’s value can grow over time, even during uncertain market conditions.
Bankers Life Fixed Index annuities are not available in New York.
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